Bryan Baeumler

“Partnering with Marketplace Events is a natural fit, these people are the best in the business, and they know shows. They bring in high quality consumers, create a fresh show year after year and work with exhibitors and partners to maximize our investment.”

–Bryan Baeumler


On behalf of Marketplace Events, we are proud to announce a partnership with Canada’s top handyman Bryan Baeumler, best known as host of HGTV’s Disaster DIY, Leave It To Bryan, House of Bryan, Bryan Inc. and Island of Bryan, to promote 13 home shows across Canada.

In the past 10 years, Baeumler Approved, which connects Canadian homeowners to local contractors and home service providers and Bryan Baeumleris owned by Bryan, has exhibited in more than 30 home shows across Canada.  

As part of the partnership, Bryan will appear in our advertising campaigns across Canada and make personal appearances at select shows each year. Bryan’s quick wit and ability to easily connect with his audience will definitely be impactful and appeal to homeowners and renovation enthusiasts of all kinds.

“Bryan’s relatability and practical approach to renovating is what makes him loved by many Canadian homeowners. He’s one of the most trusted names in the home improvement industry and perfectly represents the type of skilled tradespeople and experts you can find at our shows,” - Tom Baugh, CEO of Marketplace Events

Why Bryan?

  • Bryan adds value beyond his contract and has been a true partner and supporter of the shows for a decade.​

  • Bryan has not only been speaking on our stages across Canada since 2008, but he also has exhibited in over 30 shows with his company, Baeumler Approved. He sees the value in the home shows and the types of skilled professionals who participate at our shows​

  • He’s the top rated HGTV celebrity in Canada and has served as the face of several different shows like Disaster DIY,  Leave It to Bryan and House of Bryan. Bryan’s latest show, Island of Bryan, is HGTV’s highest rated series in over 10 years! .​

  • Leveraging Bryan’s popularity in our consumer advertising campaigns will help us break through the clutter and align us with one of Canada’s most trusted home renovation experts.

  • Bryan perfectly represents the types of skilled tradespeople you can find at our shows. ​

  • Bryan Baeumler is the #1 celebrity that attendees say they want to see at our shows! He’s relatable and down to earth, and attendees love this about him!


Instagram: @bryanbaeumler (132,000 followers)

Twitter:  @bryan_baeumler (84,600 followers)

Facebook: @BryanBaeumler (86,400 likes)

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